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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Don Giovanni is coming soon!

I've never seen an opera before. 

Who am I? My name is Angela. I'm a co-op student here on a four-month term with the mouthful of a title "INFORMATION ANALYSIS & MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS COOP ASSISTANT" . I'll be posting blogs periodically in the weeks coming up where I'll explore behind-the-scenes of the new Don Giovanni production. 

I can't wait! This is the perfect first opera to see because the story is familiar enough it won't be overwhelming just trying to keep up with the plot.

In brief, the story: the titular character Don Giovanni is the root of all trouble, and continues to do exactly as pleases him, until he finally reaps what he sowed. A few complicated love affairs and a healthy dose of vengeance mixed with bitter jealousy add flavor to the plot.

The character Don Giovanni is based on the older legend of Don Juan, a story that shows up over and over again in forms ranging from Byron's poem to the more recent 2013 Joseph Gordon-Levitt film.

The original opera premiered 1787 with a score by Mozart and libretto (opera text) by Lorenzo Da Ponte and remains very popular, with 30+ performances taking place worldwide this year alone!

Part of my excitement stems from pure curiosity. I'm looking forwards to seeing (and hearing) how this particular version of the legend breathes life into the characters.

Photo Courtesy The Banff Centre

Judging solely from the poster and some cool production photos, the coming weeks will be an interesting ride. I don't quite know what to expect but I certainly can't wait to find out!

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