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The VO Blog has moved!

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Visit the Vancouver Opera Education blog!

Whether you and your students are new to opera, or are serious opera fans, we encourage you to embrace opera as a vehicle to explore, inquire and learn collectively.
Opera is more than singing. Opera is a community; a diverse network of skilled individuals including writers, composer, singers, actors, dancers, musicians, designers, directors, arts managers, carpenters, lighting designers, sound technicians, props builders, sewers, accountants, fundraisers, administrators, music lovers, audience members and more - all of whom come together with a shared purpose of creatively exploring, inquiring and learning together.

We invite you and your students to become a member of our opera community. Add your voice to the community sharing your work with us, exploring the work being done at other schools and contacting us with your questions through our Education blog. Just click on the Education tab (top of the page) to read the latest news.

Melissa Tsang
Education Associate

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