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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Meet the Barber of Barkerville Artistic Team

Kinza Tyrrell
Music Director

Kinza Tyrrell's first 'hands on' musical moment was when she started private piano lessons at the age of four at her local music conservatory where she learned to play by ear. 

At eight, she switched to reading notes off a page, a skill that was difficult at first. Kinza studied piano and theory in private lessons and enjoyed the music programs at school.

Elementary school choir and band is where she first learned how to make music in harmony with others. In high school, she added jazz choir, marching band, and jazz band to that list.

In her teenage years, Kinza attended summer music programs like the Banff Centre in order to keep her musical training limber, so her piano chops wouldn't dry up in the hot summer sun.  She still continues to enjoy making music with others and has the privilege of doing it as her full time job!

Ann Hodges
Stage Director

Ann Hodges’ career as a director began in Grade 7 when she volunteered to direct her classmates in the annual school drama festival.

Without knowing it, she also began her career as a librettist at the same time, as she re-wrote the words to famous songs and inserted them into the plays.

She was fortunate to attend a school with an excellent drama program, and studied drama all through high school. Ann also took piano and singing lessons, and sometimes played piano for her school musicals.

She soon realized that being a theatre director was what she wanted to do. After graduating from high school, Ann went to university and then the National Theatre School to study directing. Eventually all her music training came in handy when she began to direct and write operas.  Now she has the best job in the world:  writing and directing plays and operas all across Canada.

Christine Reimer
Set & Costume Designer

Christine Reimer traveled a lot with her family when she was young and through her travels, saw many famous and influential arts works and architecture.

She has always had a love of crafts, colours and making things. Her experience traveling and her passion for creating art led her to study Arts History and Fiber Arts at university.

Christine loves her job as a costume and set designer for theatre and opera because she gets to keep learning about different time periods, cultures, architecture and clothing from all around the world.

Giaochino Rossini

Giaochino Rossini was born in 1792 in Italy. Both of his parents were musicians and put him into lessons very early.

He made his first public performance at six years old playing the triangle in his father’s band. Throughout his teens he studied harpsichord, piano and the cello.

He wrote his first opera at the age of eighteen and spent his twenties touring Italy and composing music. Rossini’s music was very popular and he had a very successful career which allowed him to semi-retire at the age of 32! 

After many years of touring and writing music he retired to Paris, France where he lived to be 76 years old. For more about Rossini, visit the Education page of the Vancouver Opera website.

The Barber of Barkerville Touring Ensemble

Julia Rooney, Soprano

Julia Rooney was drawn to music at an early age and asked for a piano for her fifth birthday. She took piano lessons for two years before joining a children's choir and school seasonal choir, and taking singing lessons.  At the age of ten, Julia performed in her first musical, Oklahoma.

She enjoyed performing in local musical festivals in voice and musical theatre until she was 17 and continued to play piano.

During high school, Julia joined the school choir and jazz singers group as well as a community chamber choir and attended the UBC summer music camp. When she began to study music at university, she performed her first opera and decided to make that her focus.

Al Maviva
Lucas van Lierop, Tenor

Lucas van Lierop started playing violin at age three, while living in Holland. Upon immigrating to Canada at age seven, he immediately joined the Vancouver Bach Children's Chorus, which he sang with for ten years.

When he was a teenager, Lucas started taking private voice lessons and performing in many community and professional productions. When it came time to go to university, Lucas decided that he would continue singing, and studied classical voice at McGill University in Montreal.

Alan Macdonald, Baritone

Alan Macdonald started singing at the age of seven in Halifax, Nova Scotia when his best friend Ben made him audition for the All City Boys' Choir.  Ben quit after the first month of rehearsals, but Alan was hooked and music has been a part of his life since then. 

In school Alan also played violin and saxophone, but when it came to going to university he knew he wanted to be a singer. Singing has taken Alan all the way to South Africa and from the Atlantic Ocean to Vancouver, BC on the Pacific Ocean where he lives and sings today.

Bart De Ville
Jordan Collalto, Bass-Baritone

Jordan Collalto got his start in music at age nine playing recorder in music classes at school in Canmore, Alberta. He began playing trombone the following year and kept playing in a variety of jazz bands, concert bands, and orchestras from grade six until he graduated high school.

Jordan toured with different bands and the Calgary Youth Orchestra to New Zealand, America, and to many places across Canada from Halifax to Victoria. Jordan began singing in his last year of high school and decided to pursue that instead of going to university for trombone, like several of his friends.
He began singing with the Calgary Opera Chorus which eventually led to him auditioning to the University of British Columbia to study opera full time. He graduated last spring.

Angus Kellett

Angus Kellett began taking piano lessons at his elementary school in Red Rock, BC, when he was five years old. In grades six and seven he played trombone and saxophone in the school band (which consisted of exactly four students - it was a small school).

Angus took private piano lessons throughout high school, during which time he performed in a number of music festivals and completed several Royal Conservatory exams. He later studied piano and opera in university on the way to becoming a professional musician.  

Stage Manager
Melania Radelicki

Melania Radelicki has been involved in musical activities since her first piano lessons at age five, through elementary and high school choirs, Orff ensemble, and playing violin in recitals and competitions, at music camps, and in string and symphony orchestras.

Growing up, Melania also kept busy organizing book clubs, lemonade stands, bake sales, walk-a-thons, and eventually summer camps. One of Melania’s favourite activities in high school was the annual production of a Broadway musical, trying her hand at everything from ushering, publicity, and box office, to stage crew, and even orchestra direction.

While pursuing a music and commerce degree at the University of British Columbia, Melania took a theatre class and finally stumbled on stage management, which has allowed her to combine her skills in effectively managing both people and things, with her passion for the performing arts.

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