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Friday, March 8, 2013

Earlier recognition of our First Nations Magic Flute

As we prepare for the opening performance of The Magic Flute this Saturday, I was reviewing some material from our premiere of the work in 2007.  I came across two letters written to us by then-Lieutenant Governor The Honourable Iona Campagnolo, sent to us after she attended the opening performance. 
I was as moved when I read these letters again as I was when they were first received; I felt then - and feel now - that she captured the essence of our project to fuse Coast Salish culture with Mozart's great work from the 18th Century.  Here are quotes from those letters:

"I commend [Vancouver Opera] for your leadership and courage and for ... creating an unforgettable setting.... You have made a significant contribution to honouring the millennial  history of British Columbia-based First Nations culture with this production, marking a departure from a history of which most of us are less than proud."

In a letter to the company's Chair of the Board she wrote:

"...we were ... honoured to understand the immense cultural gifts both of western society and of the coastal First Nations who have made this land we now share their home since 'time immemorial'."

- James Wright
General Director, Vancouver Opera

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