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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Behind the Scenes at Magic Flute

VO's Technical Director Dan Paterson shows us the end result of many hours troubleshooting our WATCHOUT computer. This production's HD projections require video to be sent to three outputs. Dan's video card can handle that but... as always with computers... it wasn't very easy to get it to work. 

Video & Projection Designer Sean Nieuwenhuis, Projectionist Brad Dobbs, Assistant Videographer Tobie Caplette and Dan spent 5 hours trying to solve the issue. Finally they brought in Dan's former driver and IT whiz kid, Aemil Folgizan, to trouble shoot and eventually fix the problem.

Here's  45 second test video of the Low Smoke Generator Waterfall Effect we will be using in The Magic Flute.

The first blast of fog wasn't getting the CO2 delivered properly so it just comes blasting out, but at the 28 second mark the fog begins to behave the way we want it to in the show.


And here are two pretty cool pictures of the “Bell” Box which has been updated and re-visioned for this show to light up wirelessly and be illuminated from within whenever it is being used.

- Dan Paterson
Technical Director, Vancouver Opera

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