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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A satisfied patron!

Here's a nice letter we received from a happy patron!

I attended Pirates of Penzance last Thursday night and it was the highlight month.

At the least.

It was so well executed and so much fun. I had fun. Fun! What a concept!

It was uplifting, heartening.

It lightened my outlook.

I couldn’t get enough of Christopher Gaze, and wanted more more more of the Modern Major General song.

I so appreciated the “take heart, take heart” section at the end.

Frederick was a complete babe. Hot.

The program was well written, I very much appreciated the write up with the words of the Modern Major General, and humourous footnotes. And the write up by Mr. Forst.

It was so lovely to have a production like this to lighten my load, it helps one out of the gloom and oppression and heaviness of life.

Also – booking the tickets through your office was also a pleasure. A pleasure. I got a real person on the phone, first of all. Without any trouble. And not only that, the real person was very helpful, considerate, understanding, genuine. And helped me get great seats.

You obviously have a well run outfit going there.

I am not into Opera, and sadly from your perspective this little venture won’t get me coming to your regular productions. Unless you do more musicals, which of course ain’t Opera.

But who cares! You made me so happy and did (one of the things)one hopes one can do through performance and the arts – uplift the human spirit.

We hope you enjoyed Pirates as much as this patron did!

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