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Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Proclamation

A Proclamation

Whereas we are pirates, or as close as you are going to get in these parts.

And whereas some of the better looking of us are performing in Vancouver Opera’s production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance, December 1st to 9th at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, directed by andstarring Christopher Gaze, and featuring the amazing Judith Forst as Ruth, tickets at

And whereas we believe in shameless self-promotion

And whereas pirates have certain standards

And whereas we have observed that the commuter ferries that ply these waters are in a word wimpy

And whereas the Aquabuses in particular, painted as they are with rainbow colours, are an embarrassment

And whereas pirates rule the sea and coastal waters

And whereas “False Creek” is a weird name, and who thought of it anyway?

Now therefore we hereby declare that we are seizing this vessel in the name of pirates and light opera everywhere

And we demand that the skipper of this vessel give up command of his ship – pah! – TUB! forthwith.

And we do say, as one voice, Arrrrr!!

(Photos and video coming soon!)

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