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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Reviews Are In!

Tim Matheson photo

Here are the first reviews for VO's La Bohème!

"It stays true to the classic, but the characters still feel contemporary, especially these guys in their long hair, scarves, and jackets. Except for the lingering threat of tuberculosis, of course, they feel not that different from, say, a bunch of Main Street bohemians hanging out, drinking wine, and counting their change in a losing attempt to gather enough for Vancouver's crippling rents." - Georgia Straight

"This is a youthful cast, whose principals really look their parts in a natural and thus affecting way. In the score’s quiet moments, including the beautifully staged final act, [director Nancy] Hermiston has a singer’s instinct for telling effects that never intrude on the music." - Vancouver Sun

Only 4 performances remain! 
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