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Monday, October 29, 2012

La Bohème: An Earth-Moving Experience

We received this great letter from a VO patron today:

Hi Folks,
I am a season subscriber and attended the Saturday performance of La Boheme. 

In Act One I noticed that the sloping set piece on the right side (with the window) was shaking quite a lot from side to side.  It puzzled me that a performer's movements could so easily shake a well-designed set, and it started quite suddenly. 

On the way home I heard of the Haida Gwaii earthquake, which was felt right about at that time (8:05 plus the wave travel time).  The earthquake apparently caused swaying in other local buildings.  So, as an Earth Scientist I put two and two together, and will suggest that we all saw the earthquake's effects on stage, though we didn't know it at the time. 

Who knew that La Boheme would shake the Earth to this extent!

Best wishes,


Earth Scientist and VO subscriber Michael emerges from
under a lab table at last year's Great BC Shakeout
photo: The Royal City Record

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