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Monday, June 18, 2012

Support from the Guild

Chief Development Officer Jeff Sodowsky, Gwyneth Westwick,
Pat Hancock and VO General Director James Wright

Officially established in April 1979, the Vancouver Opera Guild maintains a lasting and sustained commitment to opera in British Columbia. Through its educational projects and advocacies, and via the provision of dedicated financial support for both producing organizations and emerging artists, the Guild works tirelessly to ensure that live opera remains both accessible and engaging to successive generations of British Columbians.

In keeping with this commitment, the Guild presents an annual gift to VO in support of the company’s educational programs and initiatives. This funding plays a vital role in building our capacity for community education and engagement.

Last week, Gwyneth Westwick (VOG President) and Pat Hancock (VOG Educational Committee member) visited our offices to present the Guild’s $15,000 gift. A portion of the funding awarded will be allocated in support of our award-winning Vancouver Opera In Schools (VOIS) program, which recently celebrated its 40th consecutive season. Throughout the past four decades, the VOIS program has engaged over one million young people throughout the province.

Congratulations to VOIS program staff on this milestone – and thank you to the Vancouver Opera Guild for its ongoing support!

Joseph Bardsley
Development Manager, Grants & Proposals

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