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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

James Wright
General Director
 I don’t know this piece at all, and I’m not acquainted with the writer’s tastes. But he does make some valid points: Another bad modern opera at Covent Garden.

We’ve had wonderful working relationships with the creative teams of all three pieces VO has commissioned in the last few years: Ramona Luengen and Ann Hodges for Naomi’s Road, Veda Hille for Jack Pine, and John Estacio and John Murrell for Lillian Alling. We always were able to communicate back and forth openly and professionally, and each member of those teams wanted success for the opera company as much – or more – than they wished for it for themselves. The results of all three projects were excellent and exceeded all expectations.

But I have witnessed projects going off the tracks in other places and have seen my share of disappointing premieres that sometimes leave opera companies struggling to recover. I agree with the writer that companies must stay on top of the commissioning and producing process and the creative team and the company administration are really one team.

Here’s to many more successful new operas in the future!

- James Wright
General Director, Vancouver Opera


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