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Friday, February 3, 2012

Hansel & Gretel hit the road again

Our current Vancouver Opera In Schools show Hansel & Gretel will be starting its Spring Tour soon, so we're "gearing up" for rehearsal week, starting Monday here at the O'Brian Centre!

Here is our brand new groundcloth, painted by Omanie Elias...
...reflected in the Martha Lou Henley Rehearsal Hall mirrors.
Up goes the backdrop first, with a little shifting to prevent the top from
hitting the low overhead lights!
Our trees are wrapped for transport. After a few tweaks
and paint touch-ups, we'll be good to go!
We're taking precise floor marking measurements of the old groundcloth
to transfer onto the new one.
And it's up!

The set was designed by Drew Facey and constructed by Gregg Steffensen.

- Melissa Tsang, Vancouver Opera In Schools Manager

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