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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Did you realize that you scheduled an opera during the March school break? I would suspect that many of your regular attendees and potential attendees will be away.

Thanks for your inquiry.

Yes, the March school break (2 weeks rather than the “normal” 1 in years past) might see some people leaving town, although we have not heard from very many of our loyal subscribers, seeking to exchange their seats for other performances, or offering their tickets in donation to us, in return for a tax receipt, as they are entitled to do. There might also be an advantage to us: those who cannot afford to travel or prefer to stay close to home are free from school commitments and therefore at liberty to come to The Barber of Seville. We have a matinee too, with special family pricing, which we think will be attractive to many people.

We often don’t have a choice in scheduling: our productions must be spaced out appropriately and exact performance weeks are dependent on the availability of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, whicih we rent from the City. There are sometimes other factors at play, including singers’ and conductors’ schedules.

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