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Thursday, December 22, 2011

You asked for it!

One of our readers has made a great suggestion: how about a poll of our favourite duets?

In the left column of this page you'll see a place where you can vote. If you think none of these make the cut, leave a comment below with your suggestion.

Here are some clips of our top 5.

Option #1 - O soave fanciulla
Mimi and Rodolfo, Act 1 of La boheme

Option #2 -  Un Di, Felice, Eterea
Alfredo and Violetta, Act 1 of La traviata

Option #3 - Mir Ist Die Ehre Widerfahren
Octavian and Sophie, Act 11 of Der Rosenkavalier

 Option #4 - Au fond du temple saint
Nadir and Zurga, Act 1 of The Pearl Fishers 

Option #5 - Flower Duet
Lakmé and Mallika, Act 1 of Lakmé

Vote now! The poll will be open until January 9th!


Thomas said...

Flower song and fishers are both awful picks. The winner of this insufficient list is Strauss.

Attila said...

I love them all, but it's comparing apples and oranges. "au fond du temple saint" belongs in the male duet category with the friendship duet from Verdi's Don Carlo. and the friendship duet from Iphigenia in Tauride, and the friendship duet from... You can even have a category for female flower duets that includes Cio-cio-san's and Suzuki's duet from Butterfly, etc...

Unknown said...

Great idea but, you missed quite a lot of excellent love duets. At the top of my list is Siegmund and Sieglinde's love duet at the end of Act 1 in Die Walkure. The beutifully written music of Tristan und Isolde in Act 2 (apparently this is the longest love duet ever written)but, please don't get me wrong and don't assume I only like Wagnerian music. I also like "sugar coated" music (Puccini reffered to his music as sugar coated) I love Cio Cio San and Pinkerton love duet at the end of Act 1 in Madama Butterfly. I also love Lucia and Edgardo Act 1 love duet in Lucia Di Lammermoor. If I were to choose from your list I will pick "Mimi and Rodolfo in Act 1 of La Boheme, but as previously said its not on the top 10 list of my favourites.

Unknown said...

Hey Attila - Im going to see the opera named after you at Seattle Opera! are you attending as well? John Relyea is singing Attila and Ana Lucrecia Garcia (who sang Aida last year) she is singing Odabella - Great Cast and Great Opera at Seattle Opera our sister opera company in the West Coast....

Uncle Fred said...

With all due respect, having a "best of" anything poll in opera without including a Mozart candidate while at the same time nominating selections by lesser composers like Verdi, Puccini, etc., is absurd.

There was a stunningly beautiful duet in last season's Tito production, but I think I'll cast my vote for Sull'Aria from Act III of The Marriage of Figaro, sung here by Dorothea Roschmann (Countess) and Miah Persson.

Anonymous said...

The Pearl Fishers hands down!