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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions for Western Canada

We had a wonderful day of auditions on Sunday, November 6th, thanks to the sponsorship and the volunteers of The Vancouver Opera Guild that make these auditions possible. Did you know that we are the only city in Canada that holds these auditions?

The judges, Maestro Jacques Lacombe, soprano Pamela South and former VO Managing Director David Shefsiek did a fabulous job for us and remained after the auditions to speak to each singer privately for at least another three hours.  It was a long but most enjoyable day for all of us starting at 11 am and ending at 8 pm.
There were twenty six singers out of the original thirty who were healthy enough to compete that day. The judges choose five singers to continue on to the next round, The Regional Auditions in Seattle on Sunday, January 22, 2012 at Meany Theatre, University of Washington, 1pm. Find out more on the Metropolitan Opera National Council  Northwest Region Facebook page.

The winners were Sylvia Szadovszki, Mezzo, Leah Giselle Field, Mezzo, Cassandra Warner, Mezzo, Natalie Fagnan, Soprano and Teiya Kasahara, Soprano.

- Dawn Dye, Director, Western Canada District, Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions

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Anonymous said...

Hello Vancouver Opera, I am curious as to what does the VO's audience think is the best/most moving duet in operas? It would be wonderful if you could start a post asking for people's opinion. Looking forward to it.