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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jonathan Darlington in Ottawa

Wondering what VO's Music Director Jonathan Darlington does when he's not conducting on VO's mainstage? One of his many projects this year is working with the National Youth Orchestra of Canada.

The ensemble includes 92 talented student musicians from across the country, chosen by audition from a pool of about 500. These lucky students received intensive training over the summer from veteran professional players and conductors and are now on a 11-performance tour through Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Hampshire. Jonathan will be conducting the ensemble in Mahler's Symphony No. 5, Richard Strauss's Suite from Der Rosenkavelier, and a new piece by Ottawa composer Brian Current.

What's it like to work so closely with Jonathan? Violinist Jolani Domitrovits says
“He’s so good at forcing us to produce the sound he wants, that he makes our calibre of playing significantly higher. The program we will play in Ottawa is hard stuff, both physically and mentally. There is so much detail packed into each score. I’m starting to learn to incorporate all the detail necessary to make the music stellar. I know I’ll carry that onto each consecutive score I study.”
And bassoonist Darren Hicks describes him as 
" of the most exciting and energetic conductors I’ve ever worked with” 
Read more about the tour in this story from the Ottawa Citizen, and find out more about the NYOC at their website.  (There's also a tour blog on the site so you can get the latest news as it happens!)

Bravo Maestro and all the talented members of the NYOC!

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