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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

VO and the Jessie Awards

The Jessie Richardson Award nominations list has just been released, and we're proud to report a few VOIS folks are on it!

Drew Facey
Designer for VOIS's Hansel & Gretel and Cinderella.

Drew has been nominated for:

Outstanding Set Design, Small Theatre
Playland, Pacific Theatre

Outstanding Costume Design, Small Theatre
Love Fights: Coffee Makes Me Cry & The Trolley Car

Outstanding Set Design: Theatre For Young Audiences
Munscha Mia, Carousel Theatre

Rachel Peake
Director for VOIS's Cinderella

Rachel has been nominated for:

Outstanding Direction, Small Theatre
Love Fights: The Trolley Car, Solo Collective Theatre

Ami Gladstone
Director for VOIS's Jack Pine and Hansel & Gretel librettist and director.
Ami was also the director for VO's Lucia di Lammermoor in December 2010.

Outstanding Production, Small Theatre
Tape, Alley Theatre

Veda Hille
Composer of VOIS's Jack Pine

Outstanding Sound Design or Original Composition, Small Theatre
Peter Panties, Neworld Theatre/Leaky Heaven Circus

The complete list of nominees is available here.

The Jessie Richardson Theatre Award Society is a non-profit charitable organization that exists to celebrate and promote the outstanding achievements of the Vancouver Professional Theatre community by producing the annual Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards. The society was formed in 1997, and took over the production of the Awards Ceremony from the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance, who had presented it since its beginning in the 1982-83 season.

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