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Monday, April 18, 2011

Operabot Winner!

Rachael Freedman is this year's Operabot winner! Here's her animation.

You can check out Rachael's other work here.
And you can find out more about the Operabot contest here.

Rachael is a freelance animator and artist living and working in Vancouver. She was trained in animation at Vancouver Film School and has a BFA specializing in photography and textiles design from NSCAD University. She often draws from her BFA training when designing her animations.

Rachael enjoys working with colour and collaging together different styles and mediums. Animation is her favourite medium because it allows her to combine other artistic mediums.

Many, many thanks to all of our sponsors - Rainmaker, Toonboom and Wacom - and a big thank you to the Georgia Straight, our Social Media Sponsor! Congrats, Rachael!

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