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Friday, July 4, 2008

A (Hockey) Night At The Opera!

Love Hockey? Love Opera? Well have we got a deal for you!
John Estacio, composer of Vancouver Opera's new work Lillian Alling has
"gone and done something crazy" in his words and entered the CBC Sports Hockey Night In Canada Anthem Contest!

Here’s your chance to merge the two and vote for John’s song as the best of the bunch!

Copy and paste this into your browser when you're ready to listen and vote:

Now how cool would it be for hockey fans to have one of the nation's most accomplished opera composers do their new theme song? And how cool would it be for VO to be doing the new opera by the hockey night guy?

Like they say in my old hometown of Chicago – Vote Early, Vote Often!
Forward this to everybody you know and have them vote for The Powerplay Fanfare to be the new "2nd National Anthem of Canada"!

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